Intervju: Konstantin Timoshenko och den elektroniska musikscenen i Kazachstan

Gehitmusiken —  22 november, 2012 — Lämna en kommentar

Konstantin Timoshenko är en multi-instrumentalist (proffesionellt trummis), DJ, producent, radiohost, festivalarrangör och medverkande i en mängd musikprojekt, däribland Les Enfants De Paris, Pop’s Machine, Sample Brothers, Akkord I On and Help Me Jonesdet vill säga, Tomoshenko är en grym snubbe, och en sann postmodern renässansman. Han är en säregen remixolog med en passion för svinsnygga re-edits. Han är ursprungligen från Kazachstan men bor sedan 2008 i Sofia i Bulgarien. Mitt i livets jäkt gjorde vi en liten mail-intervju i och med släppet av hans remix av Kristian Anttilas ”Vykort Från Ingenstans” (lyssna nedan).

Ge Hit Musiken: How did you get in contact with Kristian Anttila?

I met Kristian in Sofia just right on the street if I can say so. That was 3-4 years ago. Since then we always meet each other when he comes with visit to Sofia.

How does it feel to remix a swedish indie musician? Do you do alot of remixes?

It gives me a pleasure to make remixes and it doesn’t matter from which country that song is originated. In case with remix on Kristian’s song the most interesting thing was to work with vocal because Swedish language is very beautiful and unusual. I’m always interested in making remixes because it’s a very creative and involving work also it’s very interesting to get inside other musicians thoughts. Of course, the most important thing is that the original musical material should be interesting and talented.

What software/hardware do you use?

You know, each time I use different soft or hardware and I also use synthesizers plus live instruments.

What do you think of Swedish music? What bands/artists do you like?

With Swedish music for first time I came across and felt in love with it when I was a kid and of course it was Abba, Secret Service and Kiki Danielson. In the U.S.S.R. their records was available. I heard Swedish from Kiki for the first time. Of course, later my musical preferences have changed. In my opinion Swedish music always had distinctive melodism, some kind of North tenderness and sadness. From modern musicians I can admit The Embassy, Pacific!, Fontän.

How is the electronic music scene, or the state of music in general, in Kazakhstan?

It’s not that easy for me to answer to this question because for the last five years I live in a different country and I can’t follow what’s going on there. The real problem with any kind of music in KZ is the country location. To be honest KZ is quite far from any of the “centre” of civilization. Size wise KZ is a pretty big country (number 9 in the world) but at the same time it has very small number of population. Most of the cities are quite far from each other communication amongst them isn’t that good. That is why living in one country we are not always finding what is going on in each town. You can actually tell that in Alma-Ata (the biggest city also my home town) we have more or less developed cultural life. I try to follow it on the Internet. I can tell that this cultural scene in town has started slowly developing and rising up. And I do hope that it will bring all the young, creative and talented people out of living at “home” underground.

Any underrated talents? Could you recommend some artists / bands from your native country for
our Swedish readers?

Of course, with pleasure. One of the most up promising and young Kazakh electronic musician is Arys Arenov and his instrumental lo-fi project called Aren. One of my close friends is the band called Freecadellic (Eng. ‘Meatballs). They are one of the very first Kazakh indie-rock band from Semey city (now based in Alma-Ata). I also have to mention an electro-acoustic project called Accord I On in which I participate together with Roman Bliznetsov.

You hosted a radio show about electronic music and you are a dj, is there any mix you’d like to

As a DJ I quiet frequently do mixes and sets that’s why I wouldn’t recommend any of them. I really hope that everybody will find something for themselves interesting to listen. (Lyssna här).

Bojan Buntic

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