Intervju: Small Black

Gehitmusiken —  30 september, 2013 — 1 kommentar


Klubb Instant gör det igen. På onsdag intar Brooklynbandet Small Black Pustervik. De är aktuella med deras andra album Limits of Desire som släpptes tidigare i år. Jag intervjuade sångaren Josh Hayden Kolenik inför Göteborgsspelningen. Och ja, gillar ni indiepop med inslag av synth så ska ni definitivt inte missa detta!

Your new album Limits of Desire was released earlier this year. For how long did you work on that album, and was it a long process to have it finished?

We spent about a year on the record through the demo-ing and recording process. A big part of this record was discovering a new production aesthetic through experimentation, and then whittling it down to a cohesive sound.

How would you describe Limits of Desire as an album?

A huge step forward for the band. A look at love from the both the bottom and the top of the thing. A smart pop record in a world of dumbed down ones.

If you would describe Limits of Desire with a color, what color would that be and why?

White. I like to think a blank slate is white and not black. White for a sort of clarity in our ever-more confusing world.  We made the vinyl white also, well, because it LOOKS TOO COOL.

You’ve played in Gothenburg once before. Do you have any expectations now that you’re coming back?

Yes, we played Gothenburg a few years ago. It was a Sunday in December and freezing for some NY boys. The show was a blast though. I want to get Yung Lean to come out to the show. #SADBOYS

And what can the crowd expect from your concert at Pustervik?

The better question is what can we expect from the crowd? We’d like to dance and we hope that you will too.

What is the hardest thing about being in a band?
And the best thing?

Spending excessive amounts of time in the van with the same 4 people and coordinating is the worst part about being in a band. The best thing is collaborating with my best friends and getting to meet people all over the world that have stumbled onto and enjoyed this music.

Do you have a song from Limits of Desire that you are more proud of, than the rest of the tracks?

I love SHOOK LOVES. Its a smokey ballad, and i love those sorts of tracks.. Part of the song is based on a passage from a book called All the Kings Men by Robert Penn Warren where the main character walks down the long street of his life, looking in the windows and thinking about how everyone else has it so much better than he does. I love the trumpet parts that our friend Aaron Rockers played on it as well. Really adds a NYC feel

Do you have any plans for the future? Recording/writing/touring etc.

We’ve got a lot of songs finished already. Just working on how to give them to the world. We’ll be touring a lot next week and hopefully will be back over in Sweden for one the festivals next summer.



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