Moodblanc: ”Something”

Gehitmusiken —  24 april, 2014 — Lämna en kommentar


Vad har Archipelago, Skogsrå, Manganas Garden och Moodblanc gemensamt? De är alla i fronten för Sveriges nya diskofunk! Balearisk sommarmusik för små intima rave vid stränder. 50 personer som dansar, dricker bärs och hemmagjort vin, och njuter av sällskap och sol. Moodbancs nya singel ”Something” är perfekt för den mooden.

Precis som de förra singlarna som duon har släppt så följer en liten bit livserfarenhet i text med i releasen:

A ray of sunshine finds its way in through the blinds, waking me from one dream into another. There you are, still asleep with that golden hair caressing my shoulder. I can’t take my eyes off you. Why should I? There is no place I’d rather be. I lay like this for a while, without making a sound, without moving. Silently wishing for nothing else. 
I fall back in to the arms of sleep and wake up in the arms of love. Your embrace, your kiss on my forehead, your voice whispering that this is the end. The end of loneliness being the love of my life.
”Let’s play Roman Holiday,” you say while we’re having breakfast on the sun terrace.
”What do you mean? Please don’t cut your hair…”
You cast me one of your lovely smiles. The kind that I wish I could collect and store in a safe place.
”Let’s just do whatever comes to mind, living a dream together. What do you dream of, Erik?”
No one has ever asked me that question before. The answer comes out of my mouth before I even think.
”Well, ever since I was a kid I have dreamed of flying in a hot air balloon.”
”Just wait here for a while.”
You walk over to the front desk. I can’t hear you, only see you, talking to Sébastien. The receptionist looks at me, writes something down on a piece a paper and hands it over to you. You come back, we finish breakfast and then you take my hand. The rest is a blur.
We took a ride in an air balloon, then you wanted ice-cream. Champagne in the afternoon. Your lips they taste like happiness, to me.

Bojan Buntic

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