GE HIT MIXEN Vol. 25 : Neeco Delaf

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Född och uppvuxen i de franska alperna för att sedan studera vidare i Paris och London följt av en hopplös förälskelse  i en svensk som fick honom att bosätta sig i Stockholm där han nu har startat en PhD i akustik- det är resan som Nicolas a.k.a Neeco Delaf har gjort. För bara några dagar sedan singeldebuterade han med ”Anthropology” / ”Paradise” , två oerhört vackra sommarmelankoliska electrostycken uppbyggda på avvägda el-orgelliknande synthmattor och ekande, frånvarande hummanden som för tankarna till ett fragment av en svunnen tvåsamhet som nyligen kapsejsats. Detta släpptes  på svenska nystartade bolaget WLR (With Love Recordings) som är ett dotterbolag till våra fina vänner borta på HMWL (House Music With Love).

Han var så snäll och ställde upp på att göra en mix för oss när vi frågade honom, men först fick han svara på några frågor. Intervjun är på engelska, men det förstår nog de allra flesta. Mixen finner ni längst ner! /Mattias

Hi Nico! How’s it going?
I’m well, excited to release my first tracks on HMWL!

I’ve read that you’re doing a PhD in acoustics. How come? 
Well, it all started when I was 3 years old… Haha, no, it’s more simple than that. I’ve always been interested in music, and I had been studying engineering, so starting a PhD in acoustics was a good way to link both together.

I scrolled down your Soundcloud page and noticed that you’ve tagged every song of yours with #chill. Do you identify yourself as an chillout/chillwave-producer?
I wouldn’t say chillout/chillwave exactly, because it would put too much of a barrier when I make music. What I mean with chill is more about the spirit of the songs than the actual technical musical style. I’d say my songs are fit with chilled, laidback atmospheres, like an evening cocktail on a beach, or driving through the countryside at sunset with an arm on the car door…

Two days ago you debuted with your singles ”Anthropology / Paradise feat. Fly Nicole” on WLR. Would you like to tell us a little bit of how the two songs came together?
When I started making the first song, Anthropology, I had been listening a lot to artists like David August, and I was aiming for a soft house, instrumental track with lots of emotion, with soft deep synthetizers. So I started off building the beat, then basic chords and bassline, and slowly added some details and depth to the mix. On top of that, I added some guitar riffs, recorded a few vocals and some kalimba to give a more acoustic and vibrant feeling to the track.

Paradise started off quite differently. Originally, it was made to be an instrumental backing track to a text written by a good friend of mine, about a teenage crush, and then it evolved and I wrote the lyrics and melody that are there now, recorded some saxophone. Then I met Felicia (Fly Nicole) and we spent an afternoon in a studio recording her smooth and jazzy vocals that finished the song nicely.

You made a mix for us! Would you like to tell us what’s featured in that?
Yes! This mix contains some of my top favorite tracks that I’ve been playing over and over lately. They are all in the #chill spirit (to come back to that!), mostly in the 110-115 bpm region. It starts off with a very nice remix by Trashlagoon, a german duo who’s been releasing great tracks lately, and goes on with one of my releases, Anthropology. Pablo Nouvelle’s sweet song Sunday is next, leading to the Bonobo-sounding remix of Ultraista by Maribou State, that I topped up with vocals samples from Sunday. Then we move on to the groovy All I Have from Kartell’s new EP on Roche Musique, and to a deep emotion-full remix by David August, which is one of my favorite tracks from him. M?me’s latest track comes next, blending guitar riffs with powerful electro beats. Moving on towards a more downtempo finish with my second release Paradise, and ending with the Daft Punkish vocoders of Show Me by French producer DAZE. Hope you guys enjoy it!

TOYS – Fire (Trashlagoon Remix)
Neeco Delaf – Anthropology
Pablo Nouvelle – Sunday feat JJ & Palin
Ultraista – Gold Dayzz (Maribou State Remix) (ND Sunday mash up)
Kartell – All I Have (feat. J – Rican)
Qtier – Set Me On (David August Remix)
M?me – Jetpack
Neeco Delaf – Paradise
DAZE – Show Me

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